🔢➟5 we need you associate member and partner

Thank you very much for visit our website and your interest in working or thinking with us. We are excited about getting to know you and everything!

Please let us know something about you. Hobbies and experience. Thank you!

Some characteristics:
The minimum technical skills we expect are:
master the 10-finger technique or the interest to learn it. interest to lern modern knowledge with a focus on OOP principles. interested in sharing and discussing your ideas and experiences with us.
Moreover, we also appreciate:
we love to use the the Markdown Format for textdocuments and use OpenSource-Tools in dayly work. Example: https://element.io/

Do you wish to provide a different path? We can deal with that, as long as you explain the reason. And if that’s a good reason, bonus points for you.

The golden rules for us: explain why, care of details.

For now, we wish you happy coding !

Kind regards 🙂