FAQ application


  1. first year you programmed?
    1. age of 13
  2. best skill/lang?
    1. don’t know maybe SQL
  3. what you expect to earn?
    1. don’t want discuss this before the job. maybe 6 or 11 or 15 month later. is that possible?
  4. maybe not 100% remote?
    1. no probably not. how far is the location 10km? no? i am living not far from a wood. the first 6,7,8, … month i really don’t change the place i living. maybe later. and i rally want not go to far from where my girlfriend is living. you understand?
  5. working in then night/other time-zone?
    1. sure. whey not. i simply need change my habits a bit. not much difficult. maybe good to have a chance work during the day a bit in the sun.
  6. what was your must in come you earned?
    1. 55tEu/year. that was a short time in year 2022
  7. what was your less income you ever earned?
    1. about 1000eu per month
  8. do you have money to register for a teaching course in for example udemi online academy?
    1. sadly i don’t have (or afraid to spend money for it). i wont do some courses but i don’t have the money to do them. its pretty for my CV if i could add some into it.
  9. you really need learn by do a course?
    1. usually (last 20years) i didn’t need courses for learning. but this changed a bit. maybe motivation(s) will change again. i not sure.
  10. what makes you happy?
    1. if i have a job with income more 1000eu as a developer with developer’s. so i learn, they learn, and we understand good.
    2. maybe in a day in the future i got a solar smal car. that will makes me happy too 🙂 very happy (e.g. Aptera)
  11. are you a good developer?
    1. that depends a lot on the expectations. sometimes I was no, very good, very particularly good, but that’s a very difficult question to answer. the motivation and creativity was very high for a long time. at least the first 30 years of my life.
  12. are y satisfied with the people and the world?
    1. not really
    2. but often yes, but often no … it was easier to answer when i was younger then 30 years maybe
  13. what are you afraid of?
    1. to have no more money for internet/WLAN in a few years. so i then disconnect to my friends/projects and many information’s. thats afraid me really much sometimes. this often prevents me from simply starting with interesting things
  14. do you have a lot of job interviews?
    1. this year i have sometimes more then 1 per day. and very often i get a 3 talk with same company. i want usually restart as a junior developer and and needed is a senior developer. yes i have over 20years experience with skills… but many skills of them now very old.
  15. you have fast internet?
    1. i always use the fastest possible DSL (internet) (especially upstream) internet from my home. i don’t use internet for my smartphone (22-0722: ↓221,4 Mbit/s↑ 26,99 (i used 40,0 last years) Mbit/s)

      BTW 18.02.2019: 162 Mbps download speed, 38 Mbps upload speed, Latency: 15 ms Server: DE-Frankfurt
    2. i give or save money that will help me professionally now or maybe in the future. smartphone not useful for developing and it has not a keyboard.
  16. how many applications have you already written in your life?
    1. certainly more than 1000. i hate it. and it wastes a lot of my life time
  17. is that a typical german CV?
    1. probably not, but I’m applying internationally/worldwide
    2. I try to present information as well as possible. I answer questions.