😇 0ad-TG info from seeh

hi i like to give you some information about this game:

preferred size: 2v2|3v3

its sometimes live streamed to: YT Plan&Go: 0 A.D.

must have:
🗺️ https://github.com/0ad-matters/CartographyMode

should have maybe:
🗺️ https://wildfiregames.com/forum/topic/53880-feldmap-a25/

nice to have:
💶optional: https://gitlab.com/mentula0ad/LocalRatings or https://wildfiregames.com/forum/topic/80151-localratings-mod-evaluate-players-skills-based-on-previous-games/

nice to have audio communication with your team:

ask here: https://matrix.to/#/#0ad-unofficial:matrix.org

any idea’s? nice ty…

i could give you tips. if you lost against me, then i can tell you how you can win 🙂 no problem

would you like me to stream your replay online? tell me.
Do you wish to join? tell me

best keyMap?